Will Manning

April 30, 2014, 6:33 pm
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January 18, 2014, 5:07 pm
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ALL HAIL. My dinner last night, Chicken, Camembert, cranberry sauce, house mayo, relish, salad – boom.


November 17, 2013, 10:33 am
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Last week I decided it was time to get back to the theatre, I hadn’t seen a play/ musical for what felt like AGES.

Way back in college (like 4 years ago) I watched a film called The Ladykillers in film studies, it was a classic 1955 British comedy caper, produced by Ealing Studios and starring Peter Sellers, I LOVED it! So when I saw that the stage play was finishing this week I HAD to go.

After munching down/ destroying a GBK Chicken, Camembert and Cranberry burger (ooof yes!) I headed down to the theatre.


I had high expectations, I was ready to laugh and boy I did. What a brilliant cast – Simon Day, Ralph Little, Chris McCalphy, Angela Thorne, John Gordon Sinclair amongst more, a very clever set and an overall great night.

March 22, 2012, 10:58 pm
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Since January I’ve been really watching what I eat mid week – god I sound like a woman, anyway, after loosing a whole stone (yeees) I am well on my way to becoming a much more attractive person. This week I decided it was ok for a little mid week snack for lunch and so my favourite burger place GBK in Windsor was high on the list.

Now, usually I’d opt for the chicken satay option however this time I went with the beef chili burger and my word was it amazing.

Back to my smoothies and fruit salad until the weekend.

May 17, 2011, 12:57 pm
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I’m a regular customer at the amazing GBK burger restaurant and like many other people out there I have a favourite burger I always get, infact I have a standard order for everything: Chicken satay burger, chips, oreo milkshake and garlic mayo dipping sauce. However when I went over the weekend with some friends I was in a dilema, do I try something new? Everytime I have the same thing so why chage it now? After much debate, literally 45 minutes I decided on the Chicken, camembert and cranberry, chips, oreo milkshake and garlic mayo dipping sauce.

It was really nice but nothing will top the satay.


Well last night was a bit of alright! Me and the girl headed into Covent Garden for a beaut burger provided as always by GBK and then went to a very special and intimate Cee-Lo Green session which was being recorded for AOL. There was only about 60 of us there and it really was something very special. I had never seen him live before but since listening to his latest release – Lady Killer I was really excited to hear the tracks live and in all their glory, he didn’t dissapoint one bit.

He started off with the album track Wild Flower and then sang the next single It’s Ok and also Forget You but accidently sang the swear version, very funny. He did in the end spoil us with the raw song in all its glory.

After that we headed down to Bungalow 8 on St Martins Lane where I was kicking things off for the Bad Santa party that evening. I was on 10 till 11:30 and played a lot of old classics and a few new bits too. I forgot to record the whole of my set but managed to get 27 minutes worth down for you guys to get a flavour of the vibe down there. Shout out to John, Sam Young, DJ@War and DJ Kayper who were all down there making it a great night.

Download: Bungalow 8 Set 14/12/10 (NEW LINK)