Will Manning


Today I experienced something I’ve never, ever done before: a film press junket. You know those things, where film stars sit in a hotel room, there’s a big film poster behind them and, journos/ presenters come in and ask the same questions over and over?

press junkey

Yeah well today I had my first go, up until 12pm today I was a press junket virgin.

At 11:30am I arrived at THE nicest hotel in London, Claridges, I was ushered into a holding room full of other presenters and such waiting for their turn to speak to the stars of Kingsman: The Secret Service. A film I got to watch last week, it’s bloody weird but brilliant. Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Cane star, as well as Taron Egerton, Sophie Cookston and Sofia Boutella.


After eating the free food provided and sampling some posh bottled water, I was called to interview ACTUAL Colin Firth, I won’t lie – I was bloody terrified. There he was, sat there, in a suit looking dapper and the interview began. After 5 minutes a woman gave me the windmill sign in the corner suggesting my time was up, I had a photo, wiped down my clammy hands, shook his and went back to the holding area. “This is all a bit mad” I thought, people with clock watches, people with ear pieces and clipboards, it was all mad, brilliant, but mad.


Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remind myself: this is your job.


Sofia, Sophie and Taron were all brilliant too. For Sophie and Taron, this is their first film and what a way to kick off their careers.

So I survived my first press junket, that cherry has been popped, it was a mad morning and another tick in my to do list.

The interviews are coming soon!

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