Will Manning

January 6, 2014, 2:38 pm
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Saturday night saw me return to the cinema after what felt like a very long time away from the overpriced popcorn and fizzy syrup, sorry I mean Sprite. Anchorman 2 was the film of choice, after reading mixed reviews I was interested to see if it could impress the man who is famouslly hard to impress – that’s me btw.

I loved the first film – it was random, I love random, it was funny, I love funny, it had weird characters, I love weirdness and it had Will Ferrell in, I really do love a Will Ferrell film.

The follow up didn’t fail to impress, after many a lol the end was near, this is when things started to get a little bit weird. The much talked about cameos appeared including Tina Fey, Will Smith, Liam Neeson, even bloody Jim Carey was there! So that was amazing and bizarre to see all of those famous faces spouting abuse at each other, but wait, it gets stranger, look out for a shark named Doby who gets his own bloody song. It’s amazing.


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