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December 16, 2013, 9:50 am
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Winter has officially closed in on us here in the UK. The tree’s are dead, leaves are everywhere, our breath can be seen from miles around and the days are getting dark by 3pm.

As much as I love the Summer season with the parties, sun, holidays, bike rides, picnics and long days hanging out with friends there’s something comforting about the Winter months. December plays host to not only Christmas but also my birthday, Winter for me has a very happy connotation.

So, seeing as Christmas is rapidly closing in I’m preparing for my hibernation period. There are a few essential items which you’ll need if you wish to join me.

You can watch a video I’ve made about this HERE but here are the essentials…

1. Tea bags and lots of them

Although tea is an essential part to my life on a daily basis this has never been more true than at Winter. The chill in the air makes tea drinking the perfect past time and it warms up your hands and body at the same time – this is a no brainer.

2. Hot Chocolate

Aside from tea there is another key drink of choice for those hibernation months, hot chocolate. My personal preferences are Galaxy and Malteser, I’m also a big fan of Starbucks and Costa’s own too. Which every you choose, let it be known that having a supply of hot chocolate is a must.

3. Cakes, Bakes and Ginger Bread

Sunday in my house is baking day however around Christmas time every day is baking day. Lemon drizzle cake, chocolate chip cookies, and a wopping big ginger bread house – the sweetness will keep you smiling through the dark days (I’m talking literally dark not in a depressive way)

4. Fire & Stone Christmas Pizza

For this item you will need to venture outside, yes that does kind of kill off the whole idea around hibernation but this is 100% an essential item however one which can only be eaten in the month of December. The Fire & Stone Christmas Pizza has every topping you need to get you ready for christmas – cranberry sauce, turkey, sausage and bacon – the taste is amazing.

5. Mince Pies

If you do one of theses things please make it this one, make some mince pies. They are easy to make and they are SOOOO much better than shop bought. They get me through every Winter.

6. Games

I realise that so far everything has been food or drink related, there are of course some other essentials including these, board games. Christmas/ Winter time for me means a lot of time with the family inside (I’m making myself sound a little bit old and my family sound really boring none of which are true) board games are an essential part of Winter hibernation.

7. Enough films for a month

You may think that films are apart of your life all the time, you go to the cinema, you watch DVD’s at the weekend or a film on TV, but as soon as those long nights draw in and the ice begins to show in the morning there is nothing nicer than putting on a film. For Winter I like to go for classics, old films you haven’t watched in ages or films which provoke good memories of childhood or a moment in your life. For me Disney is my saving grace. There is nothing I love more than putting on a classic Disney film and just forgetting where I am for a few hours, I find it almost therapeutic. Christmas films are now allowed, I’m talking Home Alone, Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation etc. Basically movie marathons are the one!

8. A large jumper or hoody

Having large hoody or big jumper to curl up in will be your saving grace through the Winter hibernation period. For days and days on end people live in their jumpers over Winter, they are the new blanket and with the aid of a hood, your head is kept perfectly warm and comfy too. Wearing the jumper during a film is a great combo – Christmas jumpers are very much allowed.

9. Make and drink Mulled Wine

For me this was something that was recently brought into the Christmas traditions in my house. Aside from the usual putting up the tree, decorating the house etc making Mulled Wine is now something that has to happen. It tastes good, it warms you up so well and it will get you fully ready for Christmas with just a sip.

10. A tin of Celebrations

Winter isn’t Winter without a big stash of chocolate lurking around every corner of the house. In my family we ALWAYS have a few tins of chocolates at Christmas such as Celebrations, Quality Street and Heroes, they become the new cracker to snack on during the day, a much more appealing choice of snack if you ask me. If you’re anything like me though you’ll eat all the Malteasers and leave the Bounties for someone else.

So there you have it, my 10 essential items you’ll need for the perfect Winter hibernation. Enjoy you’re time eating, drinking and watching films because hibernation really is the best.

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